Going beyond textbooks in learning, redefining the term 'excellence'

Constructs curriculum that best suits the needs of children, fostering a passion for learning, unlocking their potential, and providing guidance with care and expertise to help them navigate their educational journey.

Whether it's excelling in elite activities or various interdisciplinary courses, our students consistently demonstrate outstanding performance, transcending textbook learning and showcasing the impressive results that Kang Chiao learners achieve through diverse educational experiences.

|International Program|

Violet Liu

Northwestern University

"Don't limit yourself" succinctly explains how Violet has achieved unique learning experiences and accomplishments across various fields! Throughout the process, she continuously pushed and broke her own boundaries, crafting her ideal academic journey by hand. Now, Violet has successfully been admitted to the Northwestern University of Communication, ranked ninth in the nation.

|Standard Program|

Kenny Chen

National Taiwan University

Kenny, who won a silver medal at the 2023 International Economics Olympiad, successfully gained admission to his top choice, the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University, through a special selection process. During his six years at KANG CHIAO Linkou Campus, he continuously challenged himself, repeatedly surpassing his limits and actively striving for excellence!

|Standard Program|

Melody Wei

Achieving the admission requirements forTaipei First Girls High School,but choosing to directly enroll in
the KANG CHIAO Linkou Campus High School section.

I have been studying at the Linkou campus since its establishment in the first grade, and I have chosen the direct admission path all the way through. The teaching model of ability-based grouping allows me to focus more on learning and self-exploration. Upon entering high school, I chose to join the Science and Mathematics Academic Group and participate in after-school biomedical projects, hoping to continue to enhance my learning in the medical field, which is my dream, in college.
【University Admission List】

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