After-school Enrichment Programs

Strengthen learning support, allowing students to explore freely without limitations

The curriculum is designed with the aim of allowing children to explore through comprehensive and professional courses, thereby improving their skills and knowledge in various fields, for the purposes of developing expertise, and career orientation. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, from 16:45 to 18:05, and are available for all elementary and middle school students to freely choose and participate in.

Elementary school section:

We recruit excellent teachers, organize diverse activities, and provide students with a high-quality learning environment. Our teachers have extensive experience in competitions and teaching, and they can guide children to gain confidence through learning. We aim to cultivate students' diverse abilities, foster an understanding of teamwork and cooperation among peers, and inspire them to develop a love for learning. Through these efforts, we enrich students' life experiences and enhance their learning outcomes.

  • Sports
  • Dance
  • Fine arts
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Orchestra
  • School teams
  • Individual Instrument Lessons

Secondary school section:

We hire specialized local and foreign teachers, as well as external full-time teachers, to serve as instructors. Some courses are offered in collaboration with universities, where university professors come to the school to teach. Through this approach, we aim to broaden children's horizons and cultivate their multidimensional learning abilities.

  • Information Technology category
  • Science category
  • Competition training category
  • Arts and Music category
  • Second foreign language category
  • English tutoring category
  • Academic tutoring category
  • College entrance exam preparation category
  • English proficiency exam preparation category
  • Physical education and sports category
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