Head Principal/Head of Secondary School



總校長 暨中學部校長

Head Principal /Head of Secondary School

In the book "Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise" by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool, the author emphasizes to readers that regardless of the role genetics play in the achievements of those considered "talented," their primary talent lies in the "adaptability of the human brain and body." In fact, this talent is something that every individual possesses, with the exceptional individuals simply being more adept at utilizing it (Ericsson & Pool, 2016). In other words, the reason domain experts are able to reach the pinnacle of their field is through "deliberate practice." Deliberate practice refers to goal-oriented practice that incorporates four key characteristics: specificity, focused attention, precise feedback, and stepping outside of one's comfort zone. Deliberate practice aims to develop more efficient mental representations, which can be applied to any activity being practiced. As a school principal, in aligning the school's educational vision with curriculum development, teacher instruction, and student learning on a daily basis, my greatest challenge lies in how to support teachers and students in continuously exploring their own interests and strengths, unleashing their potential and talents, and fostering deep reflection through teaching and learning. It is through this process that both teachers and students can become the best versions of themselves, which is the ultimate goal of school leadership.

In my ideal school education, curriculum development and teacher instruction would be student-centered, and the curriculum system and teaching expertise would be based on the concept of holistic education, manifested in the following five dimensions:

  1. Community Learning Module on Leadership and Followership.
  2. Elective Course Platform for Mobility and Expressiveness.
  3. Development of Character Strengths and Growth Mindset.
  4. Cross-Disciplinary Learning Mechanism for Health and Fitness.
  5. Learning and Support System for Career, Life, and Well-being.

The vision of Kang Chiao International School is to "cultivate socially competitive elites and provide children with a beautiful future." The specific mission statement of Kang Chiao Linkou Campus is to "dedicate ourselves to fostering students' skills in academics, social interactions, and emotional well-being, enabling them to become independent lifelong learners and responsible citizens, ready to face future challenges. Through strong collaboration with parents and the community, our goal is to create learning opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom, broadening their horizons, developing critical thinking, cultivating resilience, autonomy, and confidence, and enabling them to achieve success and make contributions in a rapidly changing world driven by technology advancements." The commitment of the school is reflected in our efforts to empower and nurture students' independence, critical thinking, innovation, teamwork, communication skills, and cultural understanding, in order to equip them for success in a fast-changing society. Our actions are focused on continuously earning the trust of the community by providing the best learning opportunities for students and responding to the significant external changes in the world, while continuously pursuing progress in teaching and learning for all faculty and students.

Office of the Head Principal

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