Talent Development Program

Adaptive learning in art adds one's ...

The middle school is dedicated to promoting the "One Student, One Talent" program with two periods per week. Each academic year, a total of 120 courses are offered for students to choose from. Based on art appreciation, the program includes a variety of courses such as wood-wind instruments, brass instruments, string instruments, popular music, visual arts, dance, drama, and traditional Chinese music. The goal is to tailor education to individual talents and provide comprehensive support for students to develop their artistic interests and expertise. From in-class lessons to stage performances, the program constructs three learning dimensions: performance, appreciation, and practice, aiming to empower every student. Simultaneously, it emphasizes the promotion of the arts, laying the foundation for students to develop their artistic appreciation and cultivate noble qualities.

  • Classical Music 

  • Popular Music

  • Fine arts

  • Dancing & Drama

  • Chinese Music

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