Arts and Culture Carnival

From the Classroom to The Stage: Cultivating Interdisciplinary Skills in Children.

"Aesthetic education is a form of cultivation of one's sensibilities, and it also contributes to the development of self-confidence."In Kang Chiao art and cultural education, our curriculum design emphasizes both vertical and horizontal connections. We progressively cultivate children's awareness of art, starting from appreciation to discovery, and from imagination to practical application. Further, this process aims to elevate and internalize artistic cultivation, until it is manifested in everyday life.

From the classroom to the stage, Arts and Culture Carnival also finds its way into the hearts of children. They learn in the classroom and then bring their learning to life on the stage. Allowing children to continually self-improve through their learning, cultivating their interest in art and culture, as well as developing abilities in teamwork. It is a deeply meaningful art and cultural experiential course that integrates interdisciplinary content such as music, fine arts, and language.

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