Academic System and Advancement

Advantageous college counseling to assist students in determining their direct path to advancement

The academic system at Kang Chiao Linkou Campus follows a consistent and seamless progression from kindergarten to high school. Upon enrollment in kindergarten, students have the opportunity to engage in planned learning based on their interests and inclinations through a diverse range of courses. This approach aims to ignite students' motivation to learn and achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

During the kindergarten stage, theme-based teaching is adopted, where children experience various learning activities in a natural and joyful manner under the guidance of teachers.

During the elementary school stage, students follow a fifteen-year continuous curriculum framework, where learning is conducted through bilingual education. This approach aims to build a strong foundation in both Chinese and English language skills and foster the development of multiple intelligences, laying a solid groundwork for learning in junior high school.

Starting from the 7th grade of junior high school, students are divided into two tracks based on their future educational direction: bilingual classes primarily focused on domestic higher education and international study-abroad classes primarily focused on overseas education. Through comprehensive curriculum planning and specialized college counseling, students are nurtured with the abilities to excel in both tracks, acquiring transferable learning skills and aiming for admission to top universities both domestically and internationally.

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