Being a Learning Facilitator


Inquiry-based learning highlights the child's active role in the learning process and emphasizes the journey of problem-solving. It aims to stimulate self-exploration, self-discovery, self-affirmation, and self-development in children, ultimately encouraging them to pursue self-actualization.

Curriculum philosophy

Most of the courses in school education are designed by experts and scholars and implemented by teachers through planned teaching methods. However, these curriculum designs, decided from an adult perspective, may limit children's self-development and restrict their opportunities for discovering their hidden abilities and self-understanding.

"Time" emphasizes giving children time, while "Kang Chiao" represents the curriculum features of Kang Chiao International School. Kang Chiao Time begins with a life curriculum for younger grades, sparking children's thinking abilities. In middle and high grades, there is a comprehensive student-centered learning curriculum. Students choose their own topics, create their own plans, engage in independent research through self-reflection, and showcase their achievements at the end of each semester. This curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore their interests, develop their talents, nurture their individuality, and discover their life directions.

The significance and value of the curriculum

The curriculum of Kang Chiao Time aims to provide children with full control over their learning content. From topic selection, planning, method choices, to showcasing their achievements, it is entirely chosen and decided by the children themselves. Through the process of thinking, judging, choosing, and deciding, children continuously explore and understand themselves, while testing the direction of their own lives. The significance and value of the Kang Chiao Time curriculum can be summarized as follows:

1. Children can choose and decide on English activities that align with their own interests, concerns, and expertise, emphasizing their agency in the learning process.

2. It is an independent and self-directed learning activity for children, fostering the exploration of interests, expertise, and life direction.

3. Teachers and parents gain a better understanding of children through their choices and decisions, enabling them to provide effective assistance and support.

4. The curriculum aims to facilitate the "integration and practical application of learning," encouraging children to explore their individuality, discover their potential, and affirm their character.

Learning stage

The significance of Kang Chiao Time's learning curriculum lies in the process of children engaging in exploration and continuously making connections with themselves. Through the process of thinking, they seek the most suitable methods for themselves and once a decision is made, they need to have the determination to follow through. Even if they discover that the chosen topic is not suitable, they have the opportunity to try again. The learning process allows us to try different methods, even if they turn out to be wrong or lead to failure, the cost is not too high, but it becomes an important learning experience. Kang Chiao Time aims to provide children with learning experiences that involve thinking, judgment, choice, decision-making, execution, and the sense of accomplishment in sharing their achievements. It also constructs a platform for children to develop their individuality, explore themselves, and showcase their expertise.

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