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Kang Chiao Linkou Campus was established in 2017 in the Linkou New Town area of Taiwan. It is the only campus in the region that provides education from kindergarten to high school (K-G12) in a coherent manner. Covering an area of approximately 4 hectares, the overall planning of the campus is guided by the principle of energy conservation and carbon reduction, aiming to create a sustainable green campus with ecological education significance. The campus buildings are divided into five main categories based on their usage: elementary school classrooms, middle and high school classrooms, gymnasium, performing arts center, and dormitory building. These are interconnected by corridors and sky bridges to ensure convenience and functionality for both staff and students in terms of spatial usage.

Kang Chiao Linkou Campus offers the most diverse range of courses, becoming a key force in enabling every child to develop their talents adaptively. The school invites outstanding domestic and international teachers, focuses on teacher training, and has obtained multiple certifications to create a high-quality international educational environment. The campus is even designated as an official SAT test center. Continuously growing and innovating, the school closely adheres to the educational principles of WASC, fostering in students the abilities of cooperation, communication, creativity, critical thinking, self-awareness, and effective coping with real-life situations, thus enabling Kang Chiao students to confidently embrace a beautiful future.

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