Digital Teaching

Technology supports teaching and learning, achieving diverse outcomes

One of KCISLK's goals since its establishment has been to promote the 'technologization' of teaching and learning, starting from the perspective of information education, and let technology integrated into teaching. This is achieved through a diverse and innovative e-learning model and materials that establish a solid learning foundation for students in KangChiao. Furthermore, it teaches students to flexibly use information technology, nurturing crucial skills such as data collection, analysis, synthesis, problem-solving, and enriching students' learning perspectives. This approach optimizes learning outcomes and makes students into globally competitive individuals."

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Classrooms are equipped with visual projectors, allowing teachers and students to project student works, learning materials, images, or book content clearly and comprehensively. This facilitates understanding, appreciation, analysis, feedback, and evaluation during the teaching process. The classrooms are equipped with ViewBoard interactive touchscreen displays,powerful tools for incorporating technology into teaching.Combined with interactive stylus pens, they unleash the functionality of interactive electronic whiteboards. By incorporating mobile learning devices such as e-textbooks, e-readers, and internet transmission, diversified teaching methods are implemented in the classroom, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment, making schooling more enjoyable.


To implement the integration of technology into teaching, Kang Chiao International School not only establishes digital teaching hardware and provides diverse digital teaching materials but also designs "maker courses" that integrate knowledge through hands-on activities. Through processes such as thematic discussions, sharing ideas, observational learning, reflection and revision, children translate creative ideas into tangible projects. They can utilize internet resources, leveraging multimedia features to complete their works.

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Online Resource System:

To enhance the exchange and mutual assistance of digital learning resources among teachers, students, and parents, a coherent and high-quality database is provided. It helps the learning and development of students at various stages, including:

Alma:For students, Alma enables them to be better involved in their learning outcomes and more proactive about their learning growth.

Cialfo:It is an overseas college application platform, including nearly 5,000 courses from over 1,000 universities worldwide. It provides a wide range of colleges and courses for students to search college resources.

Ischool:It allows students to access information such as semester grades, attendance records, and rewards. Teachers can also manage students' academic-related information through this system.

Google Classroom:Teachers and students can easily communicate and collaborate both within and outside of school. It provides convenient features for teachers to create courses, assign homework, communicate, and efficiently manage class files.

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