Rural Education Program

Ecological Campus: Experiential Support for Interdisciplinary Learning

Educational Philosophy

The Rural Education Program takes "real-life experiences" as the starting point for learning. Through activities such as ecological awareness, hands-on farming, and insect observation, students deepen their learning impressions through multi-sensory experiences. These experiences help them understand the growth of living organisms and develop further knowledge about life. The rural area combines learning with themes such as "observation and appreciation," "experience and exploration," and "cognition and science," and provides children with real educational materials to connect with the natural environment and promote conservation awareness. It encourages students to explore the outdoors, stimulate their curiosity and desire for knowledge, and gain a sense of accomplishment from experiencing nature.

Curriculum Content:

The program focuses on the theme of "urban farmers" and includes three main topics: "immersion in nature," "rural farming and food," and "ecological sustainability."

Curriculum Planning:

The Rural Education Program is incorporated into various aspects of the educational operation, including the kc-cooking curriculum, nature-integrated curriculum, club activities, and camp programs.

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Implementation Structure and Content of School-Based Curriculum - Theme Axis

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