KCISLK Sports Team

KCISLK Sports Team

Challenges Beyond Limits, Establishing a Solid Foundation.

At Kang Chiao, we boast a rich array of sports representative teams, aimed at providing students with comprehensive opportunities for growth and development. Our coaching team emphasizes encouragement over criticism, focusing on and discovering the strengths of each child. We guide children to recognize the significance and reasoning behind every detail on the field and in their daily lives, including the processes of training and competing. Skills such as communication, teamwork, respect, and inclusivity are crucial for enhancing the abilities and cohesion of our teams, as well as for fostering important life qualities.

Basketball Team

Kang Chiao Linkou Campus Basketball Team thrives in glory! Our proud elementary and middle school players showcase outstanding skills and boundless energy. In addition to actively participating in external competitions, we introduce activities such as international sports exchanges to enhance students' competitive experience and improve their athletic abilities. We also aim to cultivate leadership and teamwork through basketball, integrating attitudes towards life and character development. We aspire for our team to become a symbol of pride on campus, collectively witnessing our players shine on the international stage!

Badminton Team

The badminton team spans from 1st grade to 12th grade, dedicated to grassroots development and team cohesion. We aim to cultivate students' interest and professional abilities in badminton through regular training to enhance their physical fitness and badminton skills. Representing the school in competitions hones their determination and adaptability. In competitions, students face pressure and challenges, which help develop emotional control and resilience, further enhancing their mental resilience. Through participation in the badminton team, we hope students can develop their skills, boost their confidence, and learn courage in facing challenges.

Swim Team

Our team selects outstanding members through club screenings. Swimming, although seemingly simple in its inertia, involves various challenges on multiple levels. It requires continuous training and competition experiences to accumulate and enhance one's resilience. Gradually, this leads to self-improvement in swimming ability. We also aim to instill disciplined time management skills through regular training, allowing every member of the swimming team to feel immensely confident and proud of their achievements!"

Triathlon Team

The 'Triathlon Spirit' embodies the principle of 'never giving up until the finish line.

The Triathlon involves more than just three sports! During the process of training, learning, and accumulating experience, team members must bravely face challenges and believe in themselves. Through competitions, they learn professionalism and perseverance, which deeply influence their future lives. To stand out from others, they must endure hardships that others cannot endure.

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