Curriculum Plan

Fostering 'talents awaiting the future' is our mission, guided by the principle of learner-centered education

In accordance with the regulations set by the Ministry of Education based on the Twelve-Year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines, both national junior high schools and elementary schools are required to submit their curriculum plans for review. Schools should annually present their curriculum plans for examination by the School Curriculum Development Committee. After approval, these plans are reported to the relevant authority to promote the effectiveness of curriculum implementation.

Kang Chiao Linkou Campus mission is to cultivate 'talents awaiting the future,' guided by a learner-centered approach. We support students' diverse and adaptive development, aspiring to evolve into a 'learning organization' that believes in lifelong learning and mutual growth among students, teachers, and administrative staff. This enables us to adapt and respond to the significant changes in the external world, fostering individuals committed to lifelong learning.

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