Career Exploration

Opening the Key Door to the Future


Career exploration is a crucial topic for middle school students, especially in today's rapidly changing society with technological advancements. The transformation of the job market presents students with numerous choices and challenges. Therefore, assisting students in understanding different career fields, familiarizing themselves with market demands, and acquiring necessary skills is vital for making wise career decisions. This has become a top mission of Linkou Kang Chiao International School education.

Career Day: Diverse Choices, Inspiring Unlimited Possibilities

To better support students in their career exploration, Kang Chiao Linkou Campus holds the Career Day annually, providing unique and rich resource for all students. The school invites over 30 industry speakers from various fields who possess extensive professional knowledge and abundant practical experience. For example, the lineup of speakers included a researcher from the Taiwan Space Agency(TASA), a veterinary pathologist, and the music director of the Tsinghua University AI Orchestra. Students have the freedom to choose from these diverse lectures based on their interests and curiosity. Whether they have a passion for science and technology or a strong interest in art and creativity, the range of lecture choices provides students with theoretical learning, real-life examples, and interactive discussions with the speakers. During this process, the speakers also provide valuable career advice and guidance.


Learning from Industry Experts: Unveiling the Facets of Careers

With industry speakers’ sharing, students gain practical career insights, and understand the latest trends and development directions in various industries. They are inspired by the skills and efforts required by successful professionals to achieve their goals. These valuable insights will help students establish clear objectives and plans for their own career journeys.

Continual Exploration, Secrets to Career Adjustment

Furthermore, the ongoing and dynamic nature of career exploration is also an area of focus for us. Students' career interests and goals may change over time. Therefore, with the guidance of teachers throughout the school, we encourage students to maintain an open mindset, continuously learn, and explore new things. This helps them make wise choices and adjustments during their career exploration.

Integrating Interests and Contributions: Meaningful Careers

By providing abundant resources and support, Kang Chiao Linkou Campus is committed to cultivating students' career awareness and exploration abilities. We believe that career exploration is the key to students' personal development and the realization of their dreams. Finally, we place importance on the integration aspect of career exploration. Career choices are not only based on personal interests and abilities but also consideration societal needs and values. We encourage students to think about how they can combine their interests with making contributions to society, and pursue meaningful careers.

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