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Adventure Education at Kang Chiao

Adventure Education originated in the United Kingdom and primarily focuses on personal and team development through the implementation of outdoor activities. Starting from the 101st academic year, Kang Chiao International School introduced Adventure Education courses, enabling students to engage in various learning and challenges as a team. This type of learning not only helps students understand themselves and build confidence, but also assists in their personal growth by cultivating the courage to face unknown challenges. Additionally, it promotes the establishment of positive interpersonal relationships and fosters a sense of social responsibility, allowing students to experience significant personal growth.

Adventure Education Curriculum Planning

The Adventure Education program is a formal curriculum (school-based curriculum) implemented from grades three to six. It takes place four times per semester and includes both ground-based activities and low- and high-rope challenge courses. Each grade is paired with a classic literary work or animated film as the theme, integrating characters, quotes, and storylines from the material into the course context. This approach enhances students' enjoyment of learning and stimulates their motivation to learn.

Hardware Facilities for the Challenge Course

12-meter Climbing Wall and Rappelling Platform

As you enter the Exploration Square at Kang Chiao Linkou Campus, your eyes are immediately drawn to a bright and lively 12-meter high and 8-meter wide climbing wall. The colors are vibrant, creating a three-dimensional visual effect. The Exploration Square is a semi-open activity space designed with a membrane structure overhead. Apart from providing shelter from wind and rain, the design allows sunlight to gently filter into the square along with a gentle breeze. Additionally, two rappelling platforms are installed at a height of 12 meters, providing the children participating in the Adventure Education program with opportunities to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and cultivate courage and perseverance.

Outdoor Exploration Zone

The outdoor exploration area, located next to the playground, is designed with 16 high-altitude challenge facilities and 3 low-altitude facilities, allowing children to fully engage in challenging and adventurous activities in a safe environment.

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