Dear parents,

Thank you for your understanding regarding the transportation bus service. The Transportation Department is continuously working to improve the efficiency of the bus routes. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the routes and schedule of bus stops, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated staff will be happy to assist you.


Transportation Department Contact Numbers: (02) 85128166, (02) 85128167, (02) 85128168


縣市areaRoute numberRoute name and route map link.
Taipei City內湖大直區47Neihu A Line
21Neihu B Line
16Neihu C Line
7Neihu D Line
45Neihu Zhongshan Line
15Dazhi Zhongshan Line
松山區10Songshan B Line
中山區10Songshan B Line
11Zhongshan A Line
13Zhongshan B Line
信義區12Xinyi Line
南港區17Nangang Line
士林北投區9Beitou A Line
24Beitou B Line
57Zhongzheng Daan Line
58Wanhua Datong Line
萬華大同區58Wanhua Datong Line
New Taipei City蘆洲區1Luzhou Line
泰山區3Taishan Line
淡水區4Tamsui Line
五股區5Wugu Line
8Xizhi Wugu Line
板橋區19Zhongyong Banqiao Line
20Banqiao A Line
22Banqiao B Line
三重區28Sanchong A Line
30Sanchong B Line
2Sanchong C Line
新莊區54Xinzhuang A Line
62Xinzhuang B Line
38Xinzhuang C Line
42Xinzhuang D Line
65Xinzhuang E Line
6Xinzhuang F Line
64Xinzhuang G Line
樹林區23Guishan Huilong Line
27Shulin Line
59Sanshia Shulin Line
LinkouLinkou63Linkou A Line
48Linkou B Line
49Linkou C Line
75Linkou D Line
67Linkou E Line
69Linkou F Line
70Linkou G Line
71Linkou H Line
26Linkou I Line
25Linkou J Line
72Linkou K Line
73Linkou L Line
68Linkou M Line
桃園市平鎮中壢區40Zhongli A Line
39Zhongli B Line
14Zhongli C Line
43Pingzhen Zhongli (Secondary School Bus)
Taoyuan50Taoyuan A Line
60Taoyuan B Line
51Taoyuan C Line
36Taoyuan D Line
66Taoyuan E Line
52Taoyuan F Line
46Taoyuan G Line
29Taoyuan H Line
蘆竹區53Luzhu A Line
55Luzhu B Line
56Luzhu C Line
Hsinchu CityHsinchu City61Hsinchu Accommodation (Special Shuttle Bus)
竹北市61-1Zhubei Accommodation (Special Shuttle Bus)
areaRoute numberRoute map link.Route map link.
Taipei CityAfter-School Shuttle Bus 01Songshan Daan LineClick here to view the routes.
After-School Shuttle Bus 02Neihu Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 11Zhongshan Datong Line
New Taipei CityAfter-School Shuttle Bus 03Xinzhuang Shulin LineClick here to view the routes.
After-School Shuttle Bus 04Sanchong Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 05Banqiao Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 08Wugu Luzhou Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 12Sanshia Shulin Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 15Taishan Xinzhuang Line
桃園市After-School Shuttle Bus 06Taoyuan Zhongzheng LineClick here to view the routes.
After-School Shuttle Bus 07Luzhu Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 13Taoyuan Chunri Line
LinkouAfter-School Shuttle Bus 09Linkou Wensan A LineClick here to view the routes.
After-School Shuttle Bus 10Linkou Wensan B Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 14Linkou Wensan 1 Line
After-School Shuttle Bus 16Linkou Wensan D Line

Shuttle Bus Guidelines

Transportation BusAPP Transportation Bus App

Dear parents,
In order to provide more convenient and comprehensive services to parents, Kang Chiao International School has launched the "Transportation Bus App." This app allows you to stay updated with information about the bus your child takes. Parents can download the school's app on their mobile devices to access this service.

The functions of the app are as follows:
1. During pick-up and drop-off times, you can view all the bus stops, scheduled arrival times, and estimated arrival times.
2. You can find the bus number and contact information of the escort. In case of emergencies, you can directly call the escort by clicking on the contact number.
3. If your child doesn't board the bus for school, the escort can send push notifications to inform parents.
4. This app utilizes GPS signals from buses with fixed bus numbers for positioning. If there are temporary substitute buses on a particular day, the app may not display the arrival time for that day.
5. Instructions for downloading the app:
• App Name:"KCISKang Chiao International School"
• App Environment Requirements: Smartphones with 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi enabled and internet connectivity.
• Mobile Operating System Requirements: iOS 7.1 or above, Android 4.3 or above.
• For iOS devices, search"KCISor click this [link] to download.
• For Android devices, search"KCISor click this [link] to download.
• After installation, click on the "KCIS" app icon to access the login page.
• First field: AccountEnter the student's ID number.
• Second field: PasswordEnter the student's ID card number.
• Third field: CampusSelect Linkou.
• Once logged in, the system will automatically save the account and password, allowing direct access upon subsequent use.

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