Linkou Kang Chiao Art Exhibition

Art Gallery Collaboration: Cultivating Inner Growth through Appreciative Learning

Kang Chiao Linkou Campus creates an "Art Gallery" within the school campus, where students' artwork is not just taken home but exhibited for everyone to appreciate. This initiative goes beyond the confines of traditional art galleries, integrating art into daily life.

We promote the cultivation of beauty in campus life, and create learning spaces with a cultural and artistic atmosphere in every corner of the campus. The artworks showcased in the Linkou Kang Chiao Art Exhibition are sourced from the students' art classes. Every year, students' artwork is displayed in a high-quality gallery format, allowing each child to proudly introduce their creations to others, and guiding them to pursue their own artistic lifestyle.

While not everyone may become an artist, through art and cultural courses, students can confidently showcase their personal ideas, newly acquired knowledge, demonstrating their artistic and cultural cultivation through art exhibitions, making art a part of their daily lives and infusing life with art. This fosters students' appreciation and practical application of aesthetics.

林口康橋美展 (2)
林口康橋美展 (4)
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