Student Self-Government Organization


Student Self-Government Organization

Enhancing self-management and strengthening students' organizational leadership

Kang Chiao Linkou Campus encourages student autonomy and participation to strengthen the spirit of democracy in group life. All eligible students are allowed to form pairs (presidential and vice-presidential candidates) to run for the Student Council, and they are required to present their policies and ideologies. The purpose of the Student Council organization is not only to represent the interests and rights of students but also to provide a participatory, service-oriented, and developmental platform for students to engage in decision-making and operations related to school affairs. It also encourages students to showcase their leadership abilities, organizational skills, and creativity in planning various activities to promote student well-being, development, and learning experiences.

Through the election process, students' awareness of democracy and sense of social responsibility are cultivated. The elections are conducted in accordance with the principles of openness and transparency. The Student Election Committee prepares dedicated ballots, utilizes voting booths and screens, and sets up the venue following the specifications of formal elections. Students collect their ballots by presenting their student IDs, and the vote counting process follows the actual procedures. This allows participating students to familiarize themselves with the process of citizen participation and immerse themselves in the cultivation of democratic literacy. In addition to allowing students to apply the knowledge acquired from textbooks, this activity aims to help future citizens understand and recognize the rights, obligations, and the importance of political participation as aspiring citizens. It encourages them to become active participants and comprehend their role as stakeholders in society.

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