Social Welfare

Cultivating students' character and shaping positive values

In order to cultivate students' character and develop them into responsible global citizens, we encourage students to actively participate in various humanitarian activities, including:

Humanitarian Care

Regular activities such as fundraising, charity sales, international disaster relief campaigns, and donations of goods are carried out to demonstrate the spirit of helping others in need. Students are encouraged to express their care in ways that are within their capabilities.


Community Service

Differentiated by age groups, a variety of volunteer service opportunities are arranged both within and outside the school, guiding students to care for social needs. Examples of such activities include cleaning the streets of old neighborhoods, community service in Jiabao Village, and beach cleaning. Through these services, students learn gratitude and contentment.

Rural Service

Through urban-rural exchanges and educational services, students can understand the composition of different ethnic groups in Taiwan and learn to respect human rights while caring for the needs of marginalized communities.

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