International Vice Principal


Kevin Lee


International Vice Principal

Having experienced education in both Australia and the United States since a young age, and working in the same industry in Taiwan, I have a deep and unique perspective on the differences between Asian and Western education. It is our goal to effectively merge the best of both disciplines and provide an innovative and holistic learning experience. As I witness how education builds aspirations and transforms lives, it is hard not to develop a passion for this career.

Through our bilingual environment, diverse curriculum and robust learning ecosystem, Linkou Kang Chiao is uniquely poised to allow students to set horizons beyond our homeland and to be the bridge that connects students with the international arena. I am honored to be able to serve at this institution and am excited to the see the many smiles and eureka moments across campus!

In a rapidly changing world, future readiness lies in whether each individual possesses the essential abilities to face continuous societal paradigm shifts. A student’s high school years are pivotal times in their journey of growth and exploration. How can we ensure that when confronting challenges, their perspectives do not merely linger on the surface, but understand the deeper “why”?

We place a strong emphasis on cultivating students’ ability to think critically and apply their knowledge effectively. Not only does this include the capacity to identify and solve problems, but equally as important, being able to ask key, insightful questions. We aim to foster an environment where teachers and peers engage in dialogues that spark curiosity and inspire creativity. Ultimately, being bilingually proficient is not just about communicating in different languages or understanding other cultures. The real value lies in enabling worldly experiences that shape personal values and beliefs, thereby, enriching one’s mental and spiritual horizons. By being a part of the Linkou Kang Chiao family and exemplifying our 4CS student profile, students will become adaptable and lifelong learners, each radiating their own unique brilliance.

Amidst the wave of educational reforms, and in foreseeing future challenges, we firmly believe that a student-centered curriculum is the foundation for the development of each student’s unique self. The quality of the faculty body is also a key to Linkou Kang Chiao’s success. Therefore, we have a strong support network for our teachers that includes student-related assistance, professional development and training programs. This commitment accompanies the steady progress of the international education at Linkou Kang Chiao and aligns with my mission and goals as the International Vice Principal.

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