Campus Guided Tour

The Kang Chiao Linkou Campus is located at the intersection of Xinglin Road and Xinglin 1st Street in Linkou District, New Taipei City. Due to climate and various limitations, the campus is designed to create an appropriate ecological green campus and incorporate universal design concepts. With a focus on energy conservation and carbon reduction as the guiding principles, the campus embraces green building techniques to create a sustainable and environmentally meaningful learning environment.

In terms of architectural design, it includes a kindergarten, an elementary school section, and a secondary school section. The campus buildings are classified based on their functional characteristics: elementary school classrooms, middle and high school classrooms, a gymnasium, a performing arts, and a dormitory building. These five buildings are interconnected by corridors and sky bridges, providing convenience and functionality for faculty, staff, and students in terms of spatial utilization.

In addition to the playground, the central courtyard enclosed by the buildings has become a primary activity space for the students. Shielded by the gymnasium and dormitory building, it blocks the strong winter northeast monsoon. The spacious central courtyard is divided into two sections by a sky bridge, serving as separate courtyards for the elementary school and the middle/high school.

The campus serves as the main space for student life, where students cultivate their interests, develop their talents, interact with others, accumulate life experiences, and expand their horizons. It is a place where they hope to create memories filled with glory, joy, and friendship. Therefore, the campus needs to fulfill various types of learning activities in terms of spatial functionality. In addition to regular classrooms, various spaces are provided to cater to diverse learning needs. Feel free to watch video by clicking the link below.

Secondary School Tour

Elementary School Tour

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